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In many cases an organisation’s largest asset is their people. Employee performance and behaviour can greatly impact service delivery, customer experience, profitability, business performance and competitive ability in the marketplace. How employees are led and managed can therefore become critical. Our evidence-based and practical development programs help leaders at all levels improve people performance in a way that improves business performance. By tailoring our approach to the unique needs of each organisation and its people, we are able to help leaders improve their effectiveness in a way that is practical, relevant and applied with ease.

Organisational culture, performance and agility in the market are crucial factors that can be directly impacted by the extent to which staff are motivated, results oriented and committed to the organisation’s objectives. For this reason, we have developed our signature Motivational Leadership Program to Inspire, Retain and Engage™. This unique program helps leaders effortlessly apply motivational psychology and emotional intelligence as powerful tools to cultivate inspired workplace behaviour among employees referred to as Organisational Citizenship Behaviour.

Motivational Leadership Alliance has committed extensive research examining the many benefits of this motivated workplace behaviour to organisations and most importantly, how leaders can build Organisational Citizenship Behaviour among their staff with ease and effectiveness. This powerful transition in employee behaviour can be of great benefit to organisations dependent on their people to be highly committed, collaborative and performing at their best in order to succeed with their broader objectives.


Professor Dominique Parrish
Learning and Development Consultant

DipEd, BEd, GradCert, MEd, PhD

Dominique is a highly qualified educationalist with over 27 years experience in designing and implementing programs, solutions and initiatives to meet organisation and program deliverables. Her interests include leadership, emotional intelligence and online learning solutions.

Associate Professor Michael Jones
Learning and Development Consultant

BComm (Hons), Ph.D.

Michael currently has over 70 peer-reviewed published papers and has been researching in the areas of organisation, business and management for fifteen years. His interests include organisational psychology and behaviour – looking at commitment, motivation and engagement.

Dr Thomas Denigan
Learning and Development Consultant

Dip T, B Ed, Grad Cert T & L H. E., M Ed, DBA

Tom has over 30 years experience as a learning facilitator with extensive experience in face to face and online delivery. He works throughout Australia and Asia specializing in corporate ethics, leadership and business performance.

Dr Renata Porzig-Drummond
Learning and Development Consultant

BA, BScPsych(Hon), PhD

Renata is a highly experienced professional development facilitator, specialising in applied psychology for over 15 years. Renata is passionate about behaviour change and her interests include emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and workplace communication.


Invaluable insights for a Managing Director and Senior Management Team. The program opened our eyes to how external insights were able to drive down staff turnover and explore how we can continue to motivate our leaders. Data demonstrates why any organisation can benefit from this insight.

Tom Roche, Managing Director

The greatest testimony of the program is indeed the results we have managed to achieve in terms of reduced turnover intention, increased job satisfaction and level of discretionary effort among staff. All these translate into improved customer experience and overall stronger competitive advantage for SNP.

Magda Chandra, National HR Manager

As a services business we know people and leadership capability set us apart from our competitors. The leadership program has assisted us as we continue to lead the market through attracting, developing and providing leading edge talent solutions at every level.

Darlene Winston, General Manager People and Culture

Motivational Leadership Alliance has shown amazing commitment to the development of our leaders. Greatly appreciated!.

Magda Chandra

The way the program can be applied is very practical. It was excellent, I enjoyed it and there were many takeaways I can apply to my team.

Kathy Chem

The program will help me improve engagement and motivation in the workplace.

Dustin East

It’s fantastic that the program was tailored to our actual business.

Markus Strauder

I found the session about emotional intelligence to be most useful, very clever and how it could improve my leadership expertise.

Eddie K. Amardeep

The program was excellent and the way it could be applied in the workplace was very relevant. A great experience!

Chris Vasquez

Helped me see how my behaviour influenced staff productivity and how I could improve that.

Sarah Louis

Great facilitation! It was interactive, informative and the facilitator was very knowledgeable.

Annaliza Pauer

Excellent! Gave me another perspective on how to be a motivational leader.

Christina Verdia

Interactive, inclusive, excellent! It will help me reassess how I approach different people as a leader.

Simone Day

Exceptional facilitator!

Peter Geogio

It has changed how I approach my role as a leader.

Nathan Hill

Excellent trainer, among the best we have had!

Mike Hadaway

Will help me create a more effective team and improve collaboration.

Darika Lerona

I believe the focus on motivation among staff and link to the workplace will broaden my leadership toolbox.

Glenn Nelson

Definitely will help me improve motivation among staff.

Christie Cardino


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